Sunday, 15 February 2009

Blogs I read

Well, I subscribe to a lot. But a lot of those are occasional blogs from the makers of computer programs that I use, that keep me up to date. Apart from that, tech blogs (macintosh and iphone) that are not of much general interest. And some others...

But first, two points that maybe helpful about keeping up with blogs.

One is this: Google Reader, God bless it, has two viewing modes. If you look at the top right of the list pane, you see that it says 'view expanded - list'. Click on 'list', and you just get the headings for the blog entries, which can be scanned really quickly. If you're interested in a particular heading, click on it, and you get the expanded form. When you've been down the list, click on the 'Mark all as read' button near the top, and it all goes away.

The second is, get an iPhone. I do most of my blog reading in the version of google reader on the iPhone. Which fits in the palm of my hand, and goes everywhere with me (well, it's my phone) which means that I can access Reader anywhere. Is it legible? Yes, it certainly is. It's amazing. Not the only or the most important reason for getting an iPhone, but not nothing, either. But well outweighed by the amazingness of having the whole of the Web in the palm of your hand, anywhere...


Lifehacker is a wonderful resource for finding out how (in the most practical way possible) to live the inconvenient details of your life.

I've been a little obsessed with American politics since the recent, astonishing, election. A good guide is this witty and knowledgeable (and very pro-Obama) commentator:

Michael Tomasky's blog,

For those who just can't get enough Google:

Official Google Blog, and
Official Google Reader Blog,

The diary of a London ambulance driver. He is not a good writer, which makes the details of his everyday life the more raw and compelling, somehow.

Random Acts Of Reality,

and Dilbert,

and Doonesbury,

and (slightly techie, very witty),

Enough, already!

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